8 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Audio: 8/10

Easy to play|Large print letters

Save data sometimes becomes corrupt

What is SpellTower?

Looking for a word game that goes beyond a simple Scrabble/Boggle/Jumble clone? SpellTower is for you.

Game Info

GAME NAME: SpellTower



PLATFORM(S): Android, iOS, Mac

GENRE(S): Indie, Casual, Puzzle

RELEASE DATE(S): 25 July 2012

Looking for a word game that goes beyond a simple Scrabble/Boggle/Jumble clone? SpellTower is for you.
As seen In The New York Times Magazine, and in Apple and Best Buy Stores everywhere.

My Thoughts

SpellTower is a pretty simple word game, you start out with ‘tutorial mode’ which is basic and doesn’t take too long to finish – the main downside to this game is that you have to play one mode before you can play the next, so after tutorial mode it’s ‘Tower Mode’ where you have to clear as many of the letters as you can by making as many words as you can, the next mode is ‘Puzzle Mode’ in which once a word is made another row of letters is added and the idea  is not to let the letters get to the top. The next mode is ‘Ex Puzzle Mode’ the description of this in the game is ‘Just in case puzzle mode is too easy’ I guess it’s supposed to be harder though I have played this and can’t say I have noticed a difference. The last and final mode is ‘Rush Mode’ which is a timer mode where the background shades in and when it reaches the top of the screen another row is added, the idea is make words to keep the timer down and stop the letters reaching the top. You can play single player or multi-player which is quite fun!

The main flaw I have with this game is that occasionally on my android samsung phone the game resets itself meaning I have to play through the tutorial to unlock Puzzle Mode which is my personal favourite.

Otherwise, pretty good game. If you close it, it automatically pauses so when you re-load it you can just carry on where you left off or start new, the letters are quite large so no need to squint, or bring your eyes so close to the screen you might as well be head butting it!

Great game for out and about or at home, have 5 minutes to spare or an hour.

The Good

– Easy to play
– Well designed tutorial mode
– Minimal and bold graphics
– Large print letters

The Bad

– Save data sometimes becomes corrupted resulting in replaying of tutorial