7 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 5/10
Music: 7/10

The game does what it should do

It doesn't seem to shine anywhere

Rocksmith Technology

With the game, you receive a cable, about three feet long, and this is where it all comes together. The cable is what allows you to play your own personal guitar in the game. The cable is included with the package, and it is necessary, but if you can find a cable for your guitar that allows you to plug it into a USB port, that’ll probably work.

Game Info

GAME NAME: Rocksmith



PLATFORM(S): PC, Xbox 360, PS3

GENRE(S): Music, Rhythm

RELEASE DATE(S): Available Now

Rocksmith is an innovative idea, that if executed better, could potentially turn out to be a very good game. The whole idea of Rocksmith is to teach a person how to play guitar, by showing them individual notes on the guitar, and hopefully working your way up to being able to play awesome solos, and being amazing at guitar. Now, this isn’t exactly the case, but you do get to learn some stuff on it. There are lessons, and other teaching materials, but I found that the easiest way to learn a song is to keep replaying it.

The Good

– It’s a great idea, filled with a large amount of decent songs
– The menus are fairly intuitive.
– It works
– You can use the game as an amp for your guitar
– It’s pretty fun

The Bad

– There is an always present lag between your guitar and the sound in the game
– There are a couple of odd songs in the game.
– Multiplayer seems to be only split-screen
– There is no difficulty designation, you can only change it by doing good.
– If you’re good at guitar, you still start off at beginning.


Thanks for reading guys!