PixelJunk Eden

7 Overall Score
Graphics: 7/10
Gameplay: 6/10
Audio: 5/10

Unique graphic style | Fluid control system

The soundtrack caters to a certain taste

What is PixelJunk Eden

PixelJunk Eden is a spellbinding harmony of sight and sound realized by independent musician and graphic artist Baiyon.

Game Info

GAME NAME: PixelJunk Eden




GENRE(S): Action, Casual, Indie

RELEASE DATE(S): 2 Feb 2012 (PC Version)

The critically acclaimed PSN hit PixelJunk™ Eden has swung its way to Steam!

With a spectrum of new features and controls re-imagined specifically for the PC, PixelJunk™ Eden on Steam will feel brand new for even the most seasoned veterans of the PS3 version. Swing, climb, and jump your way through massive “gardens” of vibrant other-worldly plant-life in this truly organic platformer and grow each garden as you explore and guide your tiny yet agile “Grimp” toward the elusive “Spectra” which are hidden throughout each stage. Ride giant plants as they grow beneath you, then swing from them destroying Pollen Prowlers in an ever-increasing cacophony of pollen. Be fired from cannons, float in zero-G, warp to mirror worlds or simply be buffeted about by the wind while clinging desperately to a dangling leaf; each garden has a unique set of challenges, puzzles and enemies that will expand your mind! – Quoted from Steam Store page for the game.

My Thoughts

This game came out for PC, on Steam yesterday and I bought it, I’ve been playing for quite a while so that I can get a good idea of the entirety of the game for this review. The game revolves around music, you have to collect pollen as you float around an organic, plant-filled world with a unique graphic style.

The game is advertised on Steam as having a “re-imagined” control system specifically for the PC version but as I’ve never played the PS3 version I can’t comment on how “re-imagined” it actually is, all I can say is that the controls do seem to suit the game very well and they feel responsive, even though they take a little getting used to at first. Most of what you’ll be doing will be done with the mouse, which is nice as you can just sit back and play through this pretty game.

The graphics as I just mentioned are very unique, they are pretty and offer a lot of detail even though they are remarkably minimalistic. The colours shown off by the game are vibrant and beautiful, the game really does look nice. There isn’t much in the way of graphics options but it is a port so you’d expect a minimal array of options but with that being said I don’t really think the game needs that many options to choose from as it looks great the way it is, although you are able to change the games’ resolution and toggle vsync on or off, which I suppose is nice.

As the game is praised for revolving around music the soundtrack needs to be a big part of the game. The soundtrack in my opinion was really irritating on the first couple of levels (or gardens as they’re known in the game), the prominent bass beat in the background got very repetitive and annoying but later on in the game as you progress further other instruments seem to blend in, synthesisers will hum along with the beat and drums will join in.

The game itself is very good value for money considering the content you’re getting, it houses it’s own leaderboards and has Steam achievements and the game has a lot of replay value as you have to go back and replay levels to find things that you’ve missed.

To recap; I’d recommend this game to anybody who enjoys indie titles, the graphic style is very well done and the controls are very intuitive, the only letdown for me was that the soundtrack seems to be aimed at a certain niche area of individual and personally it gave me a headache near the beginning but it picks up the further on in, so it’s not all bad.

Give it a go, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

The Good

– Unique graphic style
– Fluid control system
– Features a lot of content
– High replay value

The Bad

– The soundtrack caters to a certain taste
– Using the mouse in the way the game wants can really start to irritate your wrist


Thanks for reading and good gaming.