Minecraft Pocket Edition

7 Overall Score
Fun: 9/10
Graphics: 5/10
Value for £: 7/10

Amazing Boredom Killer

Needs Updating

What’s Minecraft PE!?

Minecraft PE is a mobile version of the original and very famous minecraft for PC, Its almost exactly the same as Minecraft original with a few added extras such as ladders and new bricks.

Game Info

GAME NAME: Minecraft PE



PLATFORM(S): Mobile Gaming

GENRE(S): Sandbox

RELEASE DATE(S): Available now

Just a Quick Review on a small game

This is only a small game, nothing massive, not trying to top the charts with their ground breaking graphics and certainly not trying to buy their audiences with an exhilarating story line to their game.
No minecraft if described as what it is “Putting random blocks in positions to create structures at whatever shape you want” sound pretty boring. Yet there is something seriously addictive about having numerous blocks and a wide open space available to build which is weirdly fun. You can let your imagination run wild, make tree houses, underground caves, houses, churches… If you dream it up in your head then your guaranteed to be able to make it.

I have this game and making your world which is what it’s known as is seriously fun, you can show off your creations to your friends, boast how big the city you have created is… Or do what I do, use the online multiplayer with another person you know to play made up games like hide and seek etc. Create your own secret dens which your friends don’t know about.

If you have played the original minecraft then you know exactly what I’m talking about, It really is a game which I would advise on buying, well worth the money.

If I were to pick out negatives for this game it would be exactly what everyone who owns a copy says… It really!! REALLY needs updating, it seems as they have just plonked it on the market and left it there, if they updated it, made it more like the new version for PC then it really would be a market topper.

All in all if your bored and your thinking Hmm? what can I play? Seriously get this game, make something wacky or supreme and send it back to me, show off your structures.

Happy Building 😉

The Good

– Epic FUN!
– Good to play with friends
– Boast your builds

The Bad

– Not being Updated enough


Have Fun!.

-Jack9687 Your Mobile Gamer.