Gotham City Impostors

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 6/10
Features: 8/10

Great customisation options

Textures take a while to load

This Review is by LuKeZ played on the Xbox 360

Whilst Rocksteady were busy in development with their sequel to one of the best superhero games of all time, Monolith were taking a rather different approach to the Batman games. Gotham City Impostors

Gotham City Impostors is an arcade game in which you play as wannabe superheroes/heroins who can’t afford to use high tech gadgets and instead use Assault Rifles, Rocket Launchers, Sniper Rifles and a whole range of different life taking guns. I am going to talk about a few of the features that make this game worth while to play.


Gotham City Impostors is a little different to what we all come to expect of First Person Shooters, in fact it is comepletely different. I’ll admit the guns are the same but the whole style is like something we have never really found in a game, it is a very fast paced game and not for the raging type of players and more for the kind of players that don’t really mind being killed one too many times. Whilst the game is very well developed, there are a few overpowered/used weapons and gadgets, such as the Katana which can block bullets and become rather annoying and the Gliders which are extremelely annoying to take out whilst in the air. Another downside is the servers which are yet to be fixed after nearly a month after release, the lag can sometimes become unbareable and if the host rages and quits, then unfortunately the rest of the players have to pay seeming as their is no Host Migration, but Warner Brothers have announced that they are working to get the game working as smooth as possible.


Some of the features are extremely fun to use, such as the Rappel Gun, Spring Boots or Inflatable insoles, all being very useful whilst in combat. The game also has a Gang feature in which you will be invited to play in a Gang, each map is ruled by a Gang and if you do well on the map that the Gang own then they will invite you to be apart of it. Customisation is a big feature in this game, being able to choose what you wear, what attachements you use or what camoflauge to have on your gun is all enabled for players to play around with.


Amusement Mile

Players will be fighting to the death in this small map which is based in a Theme Park, this map is small and great for close quarter combat.

The Docks

This map is based in a Dock which has a factory type building in the middle, a medium sized map for players who prefer bigger maps.

Crime Alley

A more team based map in which one base on one side of the map and the oppositions base is on the other, in the middle is a road and cars for cover, great for lovers who stick in teams.

Ace Chemical Plant

Players will fight at a Power Plant with a few buildings in which you can enter for cover, a medium sized map.

Gotham Power

Gotham Power is a great map which is based at a factory and has alot of higher ground areas, good for snipers.

The 25th Floor

The 25th Floor takes place on top of a huge skyscraper which over looks Gotham, very small map.


The weapons are a little different to what you would find in any other Batman game, instead of Batarangs you have Ninja Stars and instead of Explosive Gel you have a Jack in the Box which explodes! Other weapons are very basic such as your standard Assault Rifle, Sub Machine Guns and Pistols. Most guns are well balanced where as others are rather overpowered.

Gotham City Impostors is definately worth the money you pay for it, and best of all it’s an arcade game costing only 12 pounds (1200 Microsoft Points) Who could turn that down!?

Released for PS3, PC and Xbox 360 on Wednesday 8th February.