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By Razor, February 21, 2012 0 Site Updates

A little update on the site, the navigation bar up top has been moved around and you will now find a new drop-down menu called “Featured Content”, underneath this section you will find all of our Competitions, Trailers, Website Updates… Read More »

By Razor, February 20, 2012 0 Site Updates

Things seem to be getting a little stale around here, so here’s what will be happening. – I will continue to report on the latest and greatest PC deals around – I will try and aim for at least 3… Read More »

By Razor, February 6, 2012 0 Site Updates

Join our Steam Group for a chance to win prizes, to make friends and to keep up-to-date with the latest reviews!

By Razor, February 5, 2012 0 Site Updates

Video Reviews are being removed from the mainstream areas of this site as we aren’t really into doing video reviews on games and we’d prefer to keep the reviews strictly text-based, written (if you like) reviews. This means that any… Read More »

By Razor, January 25, 2012 0 Site Updates

I’ve updated the Q.U.B.E. and The Tiny Bang Story reviews and added my thoughts on the games, check out the reworked reviews now and give us your thoughts on them!