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By Razor, April 10, 2012 0 Site Updates

You may have noticed the Mega Drive style banner up top, this is because I’m personalising the site somewhat as I’m the only person who works on it now. I’ll be altering the layout and the content to provide a… Read More »

By Razor, April 2, 2012 0 Site Updates

That’s right, for now we’re staying put. I’d like to rework the entire site though and provide a more personal and a more involved experience for all of the registered members but I’m not sure as of yet how to… Read More »

By Razor, March 31, 2012 0 Site Updates

Right, we’re closing our doors here but I’ll be moving the entire (or majority) of content to a separate server and will be running the site alone (which I’m pretty much doing now,) it will be a more low-key affair… Read More »

By Razor, March 26, 2012 0 Site Updates

A little update for those of you who stick with us regularly, we’re on a little hiatus of sorts. What does that mean? Let me explain! Our team have a very busy schedule but as the summer is quickly approaching,… Read More »

By Razor, March 19, 2012 0 Site Updates

We’ve just made our Counter-Strike: Source Deathrun Server public, come and join in the fun at If you visit us enough you may even earn yourself a reserved slot and even a chance to get your own personal player… Read More »