Captain Zlog! #01 – No Man’s Sky Journey Log

If you follow me on Twitter you will probably know that I have been quite critical of No Man’s Sky since it’s release and I still don’t feel it’s worth the asking price of £40 but it is an enjoyable game as you never know what you’re going to get, here I’m going to try and chronicle my journey as I travel throughout the universe.

This first article will be an overview of what I’d achieved and where I had been in my first 20-or-so hours in the universe of Nomanski and subsequent articles will hopefully be more in-depth as I note down my journey as I embark along it.


After arriving at my first planet, I was met with a rock face, weird alien plants and an ooga booga name, Oinbungto Oding.
Ooga Booga

The game then crashed, so I started it again and my next planet was made up of snow and green grass, very odd I thought.

The game didn’t crash, so this was my starting planet, my first goal was to get my ship up and running by collecting the resources I needed to repair it, after observing my surroundings, it appeared that I was inside a crater, this crater was on top of the tallest, pointy mountain I have ever seen, I thought it may be pretty impossible to traverse this and get on my way with my mission but no, I persevered and managed to climb out of my crater-mountain-bastard thing, after doing so I came across huge pink coral the size of trees, harvesting this with my laser pointy multitool gave me one of the resources I needed to fix my ship!
Coral thing

As you can probably tell it was now starting to get dark and according to the game the night temperature was pretty extreme and was causing my Exosuit’s life support systems to be “low”, if you call 75% low. After ignoring this God awful annoying robot lady voice for a good half an hour, I eventually gathered the resources required to repair my ship. Whilst on my little mission I saw a few neat little things, there were a few space ships flying over head, I tried to get their attention by throwing things, shouting and shooting at them but no dice.
ship people

By this point I was getting quite terrified at how high up this mountain really was, over half an hour I had been here now and I was still climbing down this bloody mountain, so I thought I should head back up and get my little ship off the ground, I hopped in and whoosh, away we go!

Eventually I arrived in a space station alongside some other, pretty badass looking space ships, I made my way up some steps and into some sort of foyer reception area where some ugly grunt of a thing was waiting for me, at this point I thought I was done for and that I would have to get my multitool and zap this things nasty head off of it’s nasty shoulders, after engaging in what I assume was conversation with this foul beast, it turned out he was indeed just some lowly grunt, a grunt with a name, that name being Ehuich, Enforcer Ehuich, after speaking to Ehuich and politely nodding along to his incomprehensible groaning I was able to take a look around the space station.

I made my way around the space station, ruining Ehuich’s plants, stealing his money and being an all around jerk to him, I spotted something out of the window, it was the planet I had just arrived from, I stood there for a few seconds watching the fleets of ships arriving and departing the surface of the world I had just been on, the world that looked so lonely and uninhabited, clearly it wasn’t and it was at this point that I realised I should be exploring these worlds more thoroughly as they could be teeming with life and I just happen to land in the remotest of remote areas.
My first planet

The game was insisting I redeem my pre-order ship, repeatedly, annoyingly, REDEEM YOUR PREORDER STUFF, DO IT NOW! So I did, I now have an awesome looking ship instead of a puny little poo ship. Long story short, I hopped about a few planets, finding different things, fixed my Hyperdrive and spent the next 10 hours or so hopping from planet to planet, star system to star system gathering everything I possibly could.

I arrived at other planets.

Strange monoliths.

Witnessed amazing views.

Met other races.

I found interesting worlds.

Discovered strange creatures.

Found intelligent species.

Explored multicoloured caves.

Got lost in long grasses.

Found new space stations.

Barren, lifeless worlds.

Crashed bollock ships.

Worlds with androids.

And worlds with flying whales and incredible views.

Eventually, after many many hours I was on the path of something called The Atlas and I’d come across an Atlas Interface, a strange yet stunning environment awaited me inside this Atlas Interface, here I was welcomed by what can only be described as a shiny cricket ball, it guided me on my journey.

After finding this Atlas Interface I received an Atlas Stone, I couldn’t figure out if this was useful for anything, I kept it as it felt very important and that it would aid me in my future endeavours somehow, after travelling a little further throughout the universe an anomaly popped up on my radar, intrigued I ventured toward it.

Inside this anomaly were two beings, one of the small Gek creatures named Polo and one of the Korvax android fellows named Nada, both of them could speak my language, I knew that they were here to help me and guide me on my journey, Polo immediately greeted me with arms open wide and he gave me the recipe for crafting something called an Atlaspass V1, this would allow me to enter an additional foyer area on all space stations. Nada on the other hand would give me three choices to aid my journey through the cosmos, choice A was help with resources, choice B was a shortcut to the centre of the galaxy and choice C was a route to another Atlas Interface, after careful deliberation on the choices I chose the take a shortcut to the centre of the galaxy.

The shortcut that Nada had revealed to me led to a black hole, excitedly I rushed out of the anomaly leaving Polo and Nada a cheeky little fart as I left, I then hopped from star system to star system on my way to this black hole and upon arrival, I was immediately taken aback by the scale of it, it was glorious, it was stunning, it was magnificent, it was…. tiny.

But then I got closer and closer and the black hole began engulfing my surroundings, quickly I passed it’s event horizon, the point of no return and I was whisked off into parts unknown, to a whole new region of the universe that went previously unexplored, here is where my journey really began, hopping through my very first black hole with Atlaspass in tow and Hyperdrive full to the brim.

After again hopping from star system to star system and upgrading my Exosuit at every space station thanks to my newly acquired Atlaspass, I arrived at a planet, a blue and green marble, a world full of life, a world of amazing hills and valleys, I arrived at Suzdalnyevoik-Sot, paradise, home.

As I made my way down onto that blue marble and through the fluffy white clouds, I saw a beautiful blue sky and green grass swaying with the breath of the wind, I landed my craft and stepped out onto my new home, as I inhaled a deep breath of that fresh air and exhaled an exhausted sigh of relief, I climbed into my ship to relax and spend the night sleeping ready for the coming days on this paradise, I ended the day happy, relieved, I ended the day on my new home.

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