[Software Release] UT2004 UCC Decompressor & Compressor

A strange one this but back in college I coded a little program that would utilise an executable within the Unreal Tournament games, this executable could be used to compress and decompress files that were pushed for download from servers and saved in a cache. The pain of having to try and find a map that I’d played on a server and then download it was all too real until I discovered the UCC.exe trick and then I could just get every file that a server had downloaded to my game and extract it using command prompt, all well and good but command prompt isn’t all that user friendly for most people so when I got to college a few years later and started coding I figured it would be a good time to create a frontend for this executable to make it easy to use for anyone.

Long story short, I coded this program with this intention of releasing it to the Unreal Tournament community when I finished it, I did finish it and then never bothered releasing it until now, I’ve polished it up a little bit, added a few more menus, done no error handling whatsoever and am now releasing it.

Here’s a screenshot of it.
UCC Decomp

It comes with a user guide that I also put together whilst I was at college (this was for a course I was doing at the time) so there shouldn’t be any confusion as to how it works, keeping in mind that you need to know at least the basics of how UT2004 works to understand what this program is even about but if you didn’t then you probably didn’t even read this far.

Download it here:
[UCC_Decomp V1.0.1.16 ~600kb]

If someone reading this actually finds a use for this then enjoy!