[Games To Play Before You Die] – Out Run

How can you not include at least one SEGA arcade title in a list of games that need to be played before your demise, in fact I will be including more than one because SEGA have made some greats but for this short article I will be focusing on the great Out Run and it’s many variations and ports.

It's a bad idea to stand that close to me when I'm in a Ferrari.

It’s a bad idea to stand that close to me when I’m in a Ferrari.

What’s the best way to describe Out Run? A blast through various exotic locations in a beautiful Ferrari with a just as beautiful passenger by your side? Yes, that’ll do.
Each iteration of the game manages to capture the speed and the locations extremely well be it the early ports to the not-so-powerful home computers of the late ’80s and early ’90s right up to the more modern ports, Out Run really does challenge your reflexes and your skill at video games with it’s speed no matter what version you may be playing.

Out Run on the go? Yes please!

Out Run on the go? Yes please!

Unfortunately the latest Out Run title, 2009’s OutRun Online Arcade can no longer be acquired due to SEGA losing their Ferrari license and subsequently pulling the game from the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network marketplaces but whichever flavour of Out Run title you go for, be it sat in an arcade, in front of your Mega Drive, playing it in the virtual arcades of Shenmue or on the go with the many handheld ports then you really are in for a treat.

Here's a stunning shot from the lost OutRun Online Arcade, shame.

Here’s a stunning shot from the lost Out Run Online Arcade, shame.

There are many Out Run ports to be found out there and plenty of spin-off games so there really is no excuse not to experience the game and the franchise for yourself, so be sure to pick your desired Out Run game, sit down and give it a blast to see how well you can do!

Combining the aforementioned exotic environments with a great selection of Ferraris and a brilliant soundtrack this really is a game, sorry franchise to play before you die.

Recommended games from the series: Out Run (Arcade, Yu Suzuki Game Works [Dreamcast]), Turbo OutRun (Mega Drive), OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast (Xbox, PS2, PSP)