[Games To Play Before You Die] – Road Rash

Welcome to something new, well.. Kind of, I recently started listing games that you should play before you die on Twitter (be sure to follow me @Razor792, heh) but wanted to give it a bigger audience by posting the games here, so we shall begin with the Road Rash series.

What are you doing?! There's nobody there!

What are you doing?! There’s nobody there!

You’re pretty much onto a winner with whichever version of Road Rash you pick up, so long as it’s not Road Rash 3D or Jailbreak because they were shit, there’s also a Road Rash game on the Gameboy Advance that’s best avoided but other than those few the rest are all winners!

This is going to hurt!

This is going to hurt!

Racing bikes at breakneck speeds, whilst smacking the crap out of your opponents with all sorts of weaponry, vehicular violence at it’s best, it can’t be beat.
Road Rash is a franchise that is in dire need of a reboot but there is in fact the next best thing on it’s way with Road Redemption, a game that I backed on Kickstarter that promotes itself as a spiritual successor to Road Rash, brilliant!

Recommended games from the series: Road Rash (Mega Drive), Road Rash 2 (Mega Drive), Road Rash (1995 release: 3DO, PlayStation, PC)