Top 10 Mobile Games Of 2013

Greetings mobile gamers,
Welcome to my third list on the greatest mobile games of 2013, having grabbed myself the Samsung Galaxy S3 at the very start of the year and spending a lot of time on trains throughout the year, I have had plenty of time to experience some of the very best mobile games that are out there and have been able to compile a list of what I think are the very best games to come out in the previous year.

Remember as you’re reading this article that only games I’ve played a substantial amount of to form an opinion on will be included in this article and that everything I do write about these games is my own personal opinion as this is my website, not yours.

I played all of these games on Android, so the games are listed if they were released in 2013 on Android. As far as I’m aware they are all available on iOS

The 10 Best Mobile Games

10 – Sonic Dash


Think of Temple Run but with Sonic or alternatively think of Sonic 2’s special stages but with jumps and enemies, this game is a very quick and quite surprisingly a very fun Sonic title, being a mobile game though it does like to throw the whole micro-transaction thing in your face and for that reason alone it makes it’s way in at number 10 instead of being any higher.

9 – Anomaly 2


Upon launching Anomaly 2 you’re greeted with one of the greatest opening scenes of any mobile game, no other way to put in other than sheer awesome. The game itself is a strategy game much in the vein of a backwards tower defence game, you have to guide your mechs through each level and make it to the goal without any of the enemy towers or weaponry destroying your mechs. I personally am not a fan of strategy games at all but this is a very fun yet challenging game.

8 – Sonic The Hedgehog


Not much to say about the mobile release of the original Sonic The Hedgehog other than the fact that it was completely recreated from scratch to run in 720p at a constant 60 frames per second on mobile devices, the controls are a bit wonky in places, especially once you get into the game and your fingers begin sliding off of the virtual on-screen dpad.

7 – Tiny Thief


I must confess that I haven’t played much of this game on mobile, most of my time with this game was spent on the recently released PC port of it, this is an extremely fun little game where you play as a thief and have to steal certain items in each level without getting caught, great game to pass a bit of time and highly recommended.

6 – Papa Pear Saga


At first glance Papa Pear Saga may look like nothing more than a Peggle clone but in reality it is actually a much deeper game than Peggle, in each level you’re given a task to complete be it remove a certain amount of carrots from the board or light up each one of the pots at the bottom of the board, you are also able to fire multiple balls at once which makes for a really fun experience. This game does have a downside, however, due to it being developed by King the game only gives you a set amount of fails (or lives) before you’re either forced to wait for them to regenerate or purchase more for real money.

5 – Rymdkapsel


Don’t ask me how to pronounce this game because I have no idea how to, what I do know is that it’s a very challenging RTS-style game that requires you to build rooms that generate resources for your little minions to build more rooms with, you make your way to various monoliths that are located around the Rymdkapsel universe that give your minions additional powers, you have to of course do all of this whilst defending yourself against an onslaught of enemies every few minutes. A really fun and fairly in-depth gaming experience.

4 – Sonic The Hedgehog 2


Just like the mobile version of the original Sonic The Hedgehog this game was completely re-created from scratch to run in 720p at 60fps on mobile devices but the reason this game is higher on the list is not because in my opinion Sonic 2 is a greater game than the original but because the mobile version of this game includes the infamous, long lost Hidden Palace Zone as an easter egg that can be accessed through one of the Mystic Cave stages and for that reason (and the new control scheme that’s far easier to use than the mobile version of the original game) alone it made it’s way to number 4 on this list of best mobile games of 2013.

3 – Death Tour


The heyday of the vehicular combat genre may have died with the demise of the PlayStation 2 but this mobile title is like the perfect meld of some of the best games from the genre, mixing the speed and demolition of the Destruction Derby series and the crazy weaponry and explosions of the Twisted Metal series, this game offers a really unique and fun gaming experience with an extremely well-crafted control scheme, impressive graphics and literally hours of gameplay this game wouldn’t be out of place on the big consoles. A must-own for those of you that miss your weapon-laden vehicular combat games.

2 – Carmageddon


I think everybody reading this who knows me would have expected this to be near the top, if not at the very top of this list, the mobile version of Carmageddon started it’s life as the unreleased Carmageddon TV on the Gizmondo (don’t know what the Gizmondo is? Google it,) this version of the game boasted higher resolution textures and improved shaders over the original 1997 DOS title, the game was completed by the psychopaths at Stainless, made to run at HD resolutions without issue, an array of different touch-orientated controls were added and it was released on mobile devices. It’s a perfect port of the original game, so if you don’t have enough of your vehicular combat with Death Tour or you’re sick of the guns then be sure to grab this classic game.

1 – Spelltower


This game came in at number 10 on my overall top 10 games of 2013, it really is a challenging game but at the same time it’s extremely fun, there isn’t much to say other than what I did in the other article but if I was to compare this game to anything else it would be a wordsearch but on steroids, great fun.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming in 2014!