The 5 Worst Games Of 2013

Welcome back to the second part of my best and worst of 2013 articles, in this article we will be looking at the most disappointing, the most infuriating and the utter garbage that came out in 2013.
It took me a while to really get this list down to a small list of 5 games that I consider to be the worst of the worst from the past year.

As always, please remember as you’re reading this article that only games I’ve played a substantial amount of to form an opinion on will be included in this article and that everything I do write about these games is my own personal opinion as this is my website, not yours.

The 5 Worst

5 – Zeno Clash II (Played on PC)


Having really enjoyed the original Zeno Clash for it’s brilliant combat mechanics and it’s great use of the Source Engine, I was excited to see what ACE Team could do with the sequel, this game suffers from poor optimisation, clunky combat, dull level design and to top it all off a really weird FOV (field of view) that literally started making me feel sick after about half an hour of play. Get the original Zeno Clash and steer clear of this one.

4 – BioShock Infinite (Played on PC)


Now don’t get me wrong BioShock infinite is a fantastic game with a fantastic story but the reason it is on this list is the last (I assume it’s the last) battle, where you’re on the top of an airship shooting bullet-spongy enemies for hours on end, up until that point I was enjoying this game but after spending about an hour on this one sequence and not progressing I just found myself thoroughly disappointed that I’d wasted all this time on this great game just to have it ruined by this poor gunfight. Needless to say I uninstalled the game before completing this section and will likely not return to attempt it again, a great game ruined by poorly balanced gameplay.

3 – The Last Of Us (Played on PS3)


I can feel the fanboy hatred right now but I have good reason for this game being on this list of worst games from 2013 and it’s the opening sequence to the game, one of the most brilliant and perfectly directed sequences in all of video gaming that falsely led you into believing that you were in for the ride of your life but instead what you get is a generic, boring cover-based third-person shooter, platform, zombie game with a weird control scheme and two-dimensional characters. The only reason this game isn’t higher on the list is because Naughty Dog really did do a great job with that opening sequence and the game does look gorgeous for the outdated hardware it’s running on.

2 – Saints Row IV (Played on PC)


Not much to say about this, just play Saints Row: The Third because this game is exactly the same and I’m not kidding… Late in the life of Saints Row: The Third there was some small super hero DLC released, if you get that with the third game then what you have is Saints Row IV or if you’re like me and you want the best experience you can get then I suggest purchasing Saints Row 2 for the 360 and playing through that because it’s a far greater game than The Third, sorry IV… No, wait.

1 – Tomb Raider [2013 reboot] (Played on PC)


For a year full of reboots of old franchises there had to be a crap one and this is it, this is not a Tomb Raider game, it’s a poorly written, quick-time event driven, walking simulator with some quick-time events that look to have Lara in a position where she’s about to get raped and no, I am not kidding. This is not a game, it’s an experiment to see what game mechanics work and let me tell you that every single mechanic within this game doesn’t work. Avoid this game and play one of the many older Tomb Raider titles.

Another notable piece of shit that just missed out on making this list only because I knew it would be crap before I even played it is Mars: War Logs, avoid this game at all costs.

Although you may not agree with my opinions just remember that that’s all they are, opinions.

Thanks for reading, gamers.

Happy Gaming,

  • sam

    I was surprised to not see Ghosts on this list, not to bandwagon, there are many faults with that game. Micro-transactions in the multiplayer to start off, I played 6 matches of TD and bought the best sniper rifle int the game with ingame currency. In the campaign, they just took old plot twists and expected you to be surprised. They didn’t give you enough time to care about the characters and they all were static anyway. One mission, America is in peril, here’s a new badass that has quicktime events! Next level, Here’s another badass with quicktime events! but HE (SPOILER)your father, is a ghost too! No shit, didn’t see that coming. It didn’t give them any depth and my favorite character turned out to be the dog, because he/she wasn’t a fucking quicktime event that’s in your way. Lastly, the game was too easy, I played it through on veteran, and had no difficulty whatsoever, they took no time to put thought and care into this game. It was just one big explosion (of shit) and “shocking” (I use this term loosely) “revelations”. I got more enjoyability out of fucking Trolls 2

    • I haven’t played it to comment on it and anyway I assume by now that everyone should know how shit the Call Of Duty franchise is without me having to remind them of it.

  • asdf

    Yikes, I know I’m late to the party here but this is legitimately awful. Did you only play 5 games in 2013?