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This is a worldwide competition, so make sure you leave a comment down below and when I’m ready I will pick a page and a comment at random and then PM you so that you can choose your desired game, I will then send it off to you! Simple as that!

The Mega Drive games of choice are as follows:
Sonic 2 (Boxed, no manual)
Crueball (Boxed, complete)
Desert Strike (Boxed, complete)
Mega Games I (Boxed, complete)
Road Rash (Boxed, no manual)

And here’s another one you can choose from because I’m nice like that:
Sonic Spinball (Boxed, complete)

And here’s yet another:
Ms. Pacman (Cartridge only)

Intro music: Instrumental version of ‘Lust’ by Biomortal, check them out at http://www.biomortal.com

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