Top 5 Rockin’ Soundtracks in Video Games

Video Games are a form of art and as such they need a soundtrack which portrays the style of gameplay, in this list I’ve compiled my Top 5 Rockin’ soundtracks in video games (rock/metal.)
I’ll be making more lists in the future that focus on more orchestral soundtracks or soundtracks that focus on a different genre.

5. Doom (PC, SNES, Saturn, Toasters, Calculators, Pens, Pencils, There is a version of Doom on everything)

The legendary Doom, the game that really got me into shooters and what a soundtrack this game had. ID Software did a fantastic job with the original Doom.

4. Road Rash (Mega Drive)

Thanks to my childhood every single music track on the original Road Rash is forever embedded into my memory, the soundtrack to this game is one of the most memorable soundtracks of all time.

3. Dragon’s Fury (Mega Drive)

The soundtrack to the Mega Drive port of Dragon’s Fury is one of the most metal soundtracks you’ll ever hear in a Mega Drive game. Sounding similar to an early Iron Maiden the soundtrack to this game really does get your adrenaline pumping.

2. Carmageddon (PC)

With instrumental tracks from Fear Factory, Carmageddon had one of the heaviest and most intense soundtracks of the late 90s. This is the game that introduced me to Fear Factory.

1. Destruction Derby RAW (PlayStation)

In my book Destruction Derby RAW has one of the greatest soundtracks to ever grace a video game, it’s just filled to the brim with heavy riffs and brilliant arrangements.