[Site Updates] I’m back baby!

That’s right, I’m back! New site, new domain, new focus.
Like I stated before, I’ll be focusing on the retro aspect of gaming as well as all of the latest news.

So what’s on the agenda?-

1. On Wednesday I’ll be travelling to Entertainment World and filming my endeavours, hopefully I’ll grab a few bargains while I’m down there. Should be great as there are few retro game stores in this country.

2. I’ll be making a video and article on the PAL compatibility of the Retron3 very soon and I’ll also make a small tutorial on getting yourself set up with a Retron3 because you’ll need additional supplies before being able to use one in the UK.

3. I’ll be documenting my retro pickups monthly, like many other retro gamers on YouTube do.

4. I’ll eventually be editing all of my N4G submissions so that they’re linked to this domain and not the old site.


That’s all for now, thanks for reading and good gaming.