[Screenshots] The island of Banoi

Dead Island might not be on par with the likes of Crysis in the graphics department but it’s not all bad. The game offers you endless thrills when it comes to combat, going around and lopping heads with your machete whilst a friend riddles the rest of the horde with bullets is always a great laugh. The AI is a little dumb and you can practically speedrun your way through the entire last section of the game without killing more than a handful of zombies but Dead Island is a unique experience and I enjoyed my time with it more than I did with any of the Left 4 Dead games (love you, Valve.)

So in this weeks featured screenshots, we have a selection of random moments from Dead Island. Like last week, you won’t have to download anything.

All of the shots below are unedited screenshots taken directly from the game.

First of all, a few scenic screenshots from around the island.

A little something that’s not as scenic.

A close-up of Jin.

A little too close to Jin. I’m not sure where that hand is going!

And finally, the severing or several heads… Sever!

Boom, headshot!

Last but not least because I’m ever so nice, an extra one.