[Screenshots] The stunning world of Test Drive Unlimited 2

When you first delve into Test Drive Unlimited 2, bad character modelling and dreadful voice acting are thrown at you from all directions but once you complete the first few missions you’re able to buy yourself a set of wheels and head out into the expansive world of TDU2, driving in this game feels like a charm and some of the sights in this game are stunning, it really is a good looking game.

You can meet people online, race with them, race against them or even just cruise the roads with them.

So in this weeks Featured Screenshots I’ll be showing off a few screenshots from the world of Test Drive Unlimited 2. No .zip archive for you to download this week, just a bunch of screenshots for you too admire. You can always right-click and save them to your hard drive if you so desire though.

All of the shots below are unedited screenshots taken directly from the game.

What a beautiful view.

That ‘do suits you, Sir.

Sorry, Officer. I really didn’t mean to run that family off the road.

This is what airport runways should be used for.

Ready to race.

Huzzah! A new car.

Another beautiful shot.