[Screenshots] The hustle and bustle of Liberty City

GTAIV may not be the prettiest game around, even when you stick all of the game’s settings to max you will still find low quality textures around the streets of Liberty City and the lack of Anti-Aliasing doesn’t do the game any favours, this is enhanced even more on the console versions of the game where the ‘definition’ option is forced on enabling a blur effect that looks like it’s straight from 2003. (It can’t be turned off on console versions of the game as far as I’m aware but it can be turned off on PC.)

With all of this being said there is a sort of intricate beauty behind GTAIV and it’s bustling, crowded and detailed city streets. Rockstar really did go out of their way to try and create one of the most unique and realistic free-roaming experiences ever seen in a video game.

In this weeks Featured Screenshots I’ll be showing a small selection of screenshots from GTAIV (specifically The Ballad of Gay Tony expansion) that show off a little bit of the beauty of GTAIV because it’s not all that bad.

All of the shots below and the shots in the .zip archive are all unedited screenshots taken directly from the game and zipped up.

One of the many streets of Liberty City

A beautiful view of Happiness Island and the Liberty City Skyline

The most convenient way to acquire yourself a vehicle in GTAIV

A screenshot from one of the earlier cutscenes in the Ballad of Gay Tony expansion


gtaiv_screenshots.zip | ~8MB