[Screenshots] The beauty of Skyrim

Everyone knows that Skyrim isn’t the greatest looking game around but after applying the free High Resolution Texture Pack DLC and using some of the texture mods that are out there, you can really get yourself a magnificent looking game. The land of Skyrim is brilliant for travelling, just mount your steed and be on your way.

In this weeks Screenshot Showcase, we’ll be taking a look at some of the beautiful sights of Skyrim, so sit back and enjoy the beauty of this game. Some of these screenshots have the hud enabled and some do not.

I did try not to give away too much with these screenshots, so there are still plenty of stunning sights out in the lands of Skyrim for you to discover yourself but some of the screenshots do consist of locations and sequences from across Skyrim and throughout the game’s main quest-line, so if you’re not a fan of spoilers then look away now because these images do contain some spoilers.

All of the shots below and the shots in the .zip archive are all unedited screenshots taken directly from the game and zipped up.


skyrim_screenshots.zip | ~24MB