[Tips & Tricks] Essential Bulletstorm tweaks

I recently decided I should actually play through the entire campaign of Bulletstorm from start to finish, as the first time I played it I stopped about an hour into it and never bothered with it again.

Those of us playing this game on PC will have noticed the distinct lack of fundamental options that should be in any PC game, whether it be a console port or a PC exclusive, what I’m talking about here is the ability to alter your FOV, Vsync options, mouse smoothing options and all that good stuff.

To kick things off you’ll need to grab the following file:
BulletStormINIeditor.exe | ~5.92KB

This is what you’ll need to edit the encrypted .ini files.

Disabling Mouse Smoothing

By default Bulletstorm has mouse smoothing turned on which is a complete pain when you’re trying to swiftly dispatch enemies, you’ll be doing a lot of this in Bulletstorm so disabling mouse smoothing is a must.

First of all you’ll want to open up ‘BulletStormINIeditor.exe’ and click File->Open, the files which you’ll want to navigate to is located in ‘/Documents/My Games/Bulletstorm/StormGame/Config’, when in here you will want to open the “StormInput.ini” file, now that the file is open in the Bulletstorm .ini editor all you have to do is change the value of “bEnableMouseSmoothing” to “false”.

Altering Field Of View (FOV)

This is a must-have in any FPS on the PC but most modern shooters lack the ability to be able to change your FOV simply because it’s locked to a low FOV (usually around 60) because it allows consoles to render less of the environment at any given time, this isn’t a factor on PC and because PC gamers are sat directly in front of their monitors the wider FOV is needed to compensate for the decreased distance between the users eyes and the monitor.

You are able to alter your FOV in Bulletstorm but again you need to use the Bulletstorm .ini editor to do so. The default FOV values in Bulletstorm are as follows: default FOV is set to 85 which isn’t too bad considering this is a console game and the zoomed FOV (aim down sights) is set to 45.

To alter this open up ‘BulletStormINIeditor.exe’ and click File->Open, make sure you’re in the ‘/Bulletstorm/StormGame/Config’ folder still and open up “StormCamera.ini”, here you can change your default FOV and your zoomed FOV. Personally I’ve set my default to 100 and my zoomed to 55 but you can alter it to whatever is comfortable.

And now for something less essential but I suppose keeping your money is essential enough to anybody..

Unlocking all DLC

Bulletstorm has had various pieces of DLC released for it, some of it exclusive to different platforms but they’re all already there for use in the PC version, all you have to do is enable them.
You can do this in a .ini file called “StormPawn.ini”, located in the ‘/Bulletstorm/StormGame/Config’ folder, in the file you will find the following lines:


Setting these to “true” will unlock the desired items.

I hope some of you find this article helpful, if I’ve missed anything or made any errors then please let me know here.

Thanks for reading and good gaming.