[Screenshots] Beautiful screenshots from theHunter

I’ve recently been playing a lot of theHunter, it’s a realistic hunting game developed by Expansive Worlds and it utilises the Avalanche 2.0 engine which was later behind the beautiful Just Cause 2, this game is incredibly pretty and incredibly realistic, fans of the original Crysis better clench their buttocks for this one.

Whilst roaming around the brilliant countryside of theHunter I decided this game was perfect to grab some great screenshots and wallpapers so I’ve put together a .zip archive of various screenshots from around this games’ amazing environment but before you decide whether you want to download this 171MB .zip archive, take a look at the screenshots below.

All of the shots below and the shots in the .zip archive are all unedited screenshots taken directly from the game and zipped up.


thehunter_screenshots.zip | ~171MB