[Ended] Win a copy of Dear Esther!

Winner has been announced here.

Dear Esther has just been released on Steam and to celebrate the release of this remake of a brilliant mod, we’re giving away a single Steam copy of the game!

All you have to do is head over to our Steam Community Group page, join it and leave a comment on the following announcement: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/evilgamerzofficial/announcements/detail/1173423126110917173

It doesn’t matter what you put but as long as you comment you’ll be in for a chance to win.

If you want to know more about the game then you can read my review here or visit the official website here.


-You must leave a comment on our Steam community group announcement stated above in order to enter the competition
-You must have an active Steam account as the version of the game will be Steam-based
-Using multiple Steam accounts will forfeit you from the draw
-The team behind this site are not allowed to take part in this draw

The draw will close on Saturday 18th of February at 3:00PM (GMT +00), any entries after this date will not be entered into the draw.

The draw will take place as follows:
Every entrant will have their name placed into a hat (or a random generator, whichever is easier 😉 ), the first 5 entrants who are chosen will again get their names’ placed into a hat then the next 3 entrants who are chosen will again have their names placed into a hat and the person who gets chosen this final time will win the prize.


It’s as simple as that, so head on over to our Steam Community page and get yourself involved!

Good luck and good gaming.

Please note that if there are only a handful of entries by the closing date then the competition will be extended another week.


If you’re having trouble entering the competition please let us know by using the following form.