[Tips and Tricks] Using FlatOut with a 360 controller

Good evening, I purchased the new FlatOut from Steam yesterday as it was on sale.. I recommend you don’t do the same, I’ll write up a full review on it soon anyway. Moving on, as I absolutely loved the original game, I decided to buy it on Steam (it’s also on sale), I already own the game on disc from when it was released but Steam is far more convenient. 😉

Back when it was released there was no such thing as an Xbox 360 or an Xbox 360 controller for that matter but the game does work perfectly with a controller, you will need to do a little tinkering with the game to get it to work as it would with any modern racing game.

First of all just plug your 360 controller into your PC then launch up the game, head into the options menu and head over to controls. Once you’re in here you will want to set the control method to your 360 controller then head into the very bottom menu to rebind your controls.

In here you’ll see all of the controller buttons bound to a certain action, as you can see they’re all labelled as Button 1-10, X/Z-Axis Left/Right, etc.

Below is a screenshot of the set up you want, I’ve added the corresponding 360 button to the bound selection:

Once you’ve set up your controller layout as above you can now use your controller ingame as you would with any other modern racing game, as for the menus I would recommend you stick with using the keyboards cursor keys, enter and escape keys as the controller wont work very well at all in the menus due to the set up.

That is all for now, enjoy some incredible nostalgia with the insanely fun FlatOut.


  • JS

    How do you get the axis put in there. I tried pressing the button but it wont put it in.

    • These settings should correspond to the directions you move the analogue sticks on your controller, the example used was with the left analogue stick.

      • JS

        Ugh, doesnt seem to be working but thanks for the reply. Any ideas why it’s not working?

        • Are you certain your controller is not at fault? Do all of the other buttons register with the game okay?

          • JS

            I can use the left stick to navigate the menu but no other buttons and it doesn’t register in the menu. I use this controller in Just cause 2 and once in Chivalry so I know it works.

          • Very odd, never come across this issue before. Only thing I can suggest is using an external program like Xpadder or something similar.

          • JS

            Ah, found a handy program named Keysticks. Works really well. Thanks for the replies, have fun with FlatOut ha.

          • Luis Jauregui

            just get all fallout´s on steam (80%off) and keysticks was usefull, thank ou!!

  • Isiparate

    I use the right stick like a sequential gearbox, up for gear down and down for gear up, in-game is Gear Up: RY-Axis Right, Gear Down: RY-Axis Left